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"Zhuzhou City Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Plan (2019-2025)" released

2021-05-23 14:59

By 2020, the realization of the scale application of hydrogen energy will start; by 2025, the hydrogen energy and fuel cell pillar industries will be formed. On July 27, at the Zhuzhou·China Power Valley Hydrogen Energy Industry Summit, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission officially released the “Zhuzhou Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Plan (2019-2025)” to accelerate the layout of the entire industrial chain.


Zhuzhou is the only industrial city with the core “three electricity” in the country.
"Our products solve the metal corrosion resistance problem, have good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and mechanical properties, and are small in size and light in weight. Their theoretical life can reach more than 5,000 hours, which meets the requirements of the US Department of Energy." At the Zhuzhou·China Power Valley Hydrogen Energy Industry Summit, Hunan Zhenbang Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. released a metal bipolar plate hydrogen fuel stack product with independent intellectual property rights, which was widely concerned by the guests.
Hydrogen energy is the key direction of China's energy technology revolution and innovation. Hydrogen fuel cells are widely used in new energy vehicles, rail transit, aviation, drones, ships, submarines and other transportation fields. At this year's National Conference, hydrogen energy was officially written into the government work report, and the domestic hydrogen energy industry entered the fast lane.
Early layout, early run. Relying on the solid manufacturing base formed by China CRRC, CSR Times Electric, Beiqi and more than 50 auto parts production, Zhuzhou has become the only city in the country with the core “three electric” (battery, electric control, motor) industry. At the same time, local companies in the core components, especially the membrane electrode technology of hydrogen fuel cells, including the independent research and development of electrolyte membranes and catalyst technology, is expected to break the monopoly of foreign key areas.
Xiangping, director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, said that at present, the city is accelerating the distribution of hydrogen energy industry chain such as hydrogen production equipment, hydrogen production, hydrogen supply, hydrogen fuel cells, vehicle and hydrogen refueling station.
In the future, the industrial output value of the entire industrial chain will reach 80 billion yuan.
How to arrange the future of Zhuzhou Hydrogen Energy Industry? Xiangping introduced that according to Zhuzhou Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Plan (2019-2025), the city will give full play to the advantages of the three major power industry chains and promote chain extension, strong chain and chain. Make up the chain, focus on breaking through key bottlenecks, stimulate the innovation vitality of enterprises, establish domestic leading and world-class hydrogen energy application and fuel cell technology chain and industrial chain and industrial agglomeration area, and build Zhuzhou into a world-class hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology. Industrial chain innovation center and industrial highland and hydrogen energy application demonstration benchmark.
The plan proposes to focus on the “Hebei High-tech Zone Hydrogen Energy Demonstration Ecological Industrial Park” and the “Qingshuitang Eco-Industrial New City Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Innovation Demonstration Industrial Park” with the focus on Hexi High-tech Park and Qingshuitang Eco-Industrial New City. By 2025, the hydrogen energy and fuel cell pillar industries will be formed, and 8 to 10 hydrogen refueling stations will be built. The production capacity of fuel cell bus will be 10,000 vehicles per year, and the production capacity of fuel cell passenger vehicles will be 100,000 vehicles per year. The urban agglomeration operates 5,000 fuel cell vehicles, and the industrial output value of the whole industrial chain reaches 80 billion yuan.
Zhuzhou Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Plan (2019-2025) was instructed by Mao Zongqiang, Vice Chairman of the International Hydrogen Energy Association. At the summit, Mao Zongqiang suggested that Zhuzhou should consider the full application of hydrogen and the hydrogen energy facilities, especially the construction of hydrogen refueling stations. Develop new commanding heights. (Zhuzhou Daily reporter Liao Xizhang Correspondent / Wang Lili)

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