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Hunan Zenpon Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd was established in August 2016. It is located in China Power Valley Independent Innovation Park which is beside the scenic Wanfeng Lake. It is a high-tech new energy enterprise focusing on hydrogen fuel cells and integrating design, R&D and manufacture. Relying on the parent company’s 20 years experience of mold design & manufacture and precision metal parts machining, The company mainly developed PEM fuel cell stacks with metallic bipolar plates as carrier. 
Zenpon Hydrogen has strong technical strength and brought in a series of advanced hydrogen fuel cell equipment, such as: Horizontal Four-axis machining center (Japan), Five-axis machining center(Japan), Infrared laser cutting machine, Ultraviolet laser cutting machine, Laser Welding Machine, Hydraulic Press Machine, Dispenser, MEA Spray Coating Machine, Compression Testing Machine, Programmable DC Electronic Load, etc.
Zenpon Hydrogen has set up a capable R&D team, adhering to the technical route of high-performance MEA preparation with low platinum catalyst, low-cost MBP preparation and low-cost MBP fuel cell stack preparation, we are dedicated to providing clean, reliable and efficient power generation products and solutions for customers.
Zenpon Hydrogen owns completely independent intellectual property rights of its MBP hydrogen fuel cells, The company have applied 15 patents and 5 have been authorized.

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address:Building C, Phase 2.1, China Power Valley Innovation Park, No. 899, Xianyuehuan Road, Tianyuan District, Zhuzhou City, Hunan,China.

Company email:HQABQsC@sina.com 

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